Internet and Social Media Policy

The UCPL provides access to a variety of sources including print, DVD's, databases, and Social Media. By providing access to the Internet the library enhances the resources available to its users. However, one must bear in mind that the Internet is an unregulated resource of information-Union City Public Library is not responsible for the accuracy, timeliness and authority of this information. Because the Library receives federal funding for public Internet access, federal law requires the library to install blocking software (filter) on the library's computer terminals. The filter prevents users from accessing material that is obscene including child pornography. Filters, however, are an imperfect tool, and on the one hand may block legitimate material, while on the other, fail to block obscene material. The parents, not the library's staff, are responsible for monitoring their children's access to the Internet.

Users may not:

-Damage computer equipment and software, or alter computer settings.

-Violate copyright.

-Upload worms, viruses, or other forms of vandalism such as hacking.

-Broadcast material that is offensive, or harassing, of a pornographic nature, etc.

The UCPL is committed to maintain online presence including Facebook, Twitter and blogs. The posting on the blogs will be removed before publication if they violate the UCPL Internet policy. UCPL also maintains the right to remove material it does not deem appropriate from social media venues. As with all library resources, it is the responsibility of parents, not library staff to monitor their minor children's use of social media. The public is urged to refrain from posting comments that are obscene, abusive, inflammatory, insulting, threatening, or invasive of privacy. The library will also remove material that is plagiarized, and commercial promotions.