Board of Trustees

Mayor: Honorable Brian Stack

President: Diane R. Capizzi

Vice President: Ben Temberella

Library Director: Elena Tsomaeva

Treasure: Richard Kalbian

Recording Secretary Superintendent of Schools Alternate: Connie Wichert

Laura Espinal

Xenia Ashton

Michelle Pena

Lauren Sosa Herrera

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

January 14, 2019 June 10, 2019
February 11, 2019 September 9, 2019
March 11, 2019 October 21, 2019
April 8, 2019 November 18, 2019
May 13, 2019 December 9, 2019

The Union City Public Library Board of Trustees meets at 4 PM on the second Monday of each month with the exception of the months of July and August. Exceptions are made if the second Monday is a holiday. In that case the Board of Trustees meets on the third Monday of the month.